I can Learn Software

PC Client Installation Gering High School - Gering, NE Local Media Server

  1. Test this computer Find out if the computer is capable of using the software.
  2. Set a location for each PC that will be using I CAN Learn or Classroom Explorer.
    1. Run Set Location Script <-- Must be done in each student account.
  3. Click Classroom Explorer.exe and Save As onto the desktop of the teacher PC.
    Click I Can Learn Direct Link
    Please allow for pop-up windows on this site.
    To create a Desktop Icon Drag the Circle Icon infront of the address onto the desktop of the student PCs. Make Icon example

  4. On computers that have been upgraded to Windows 7 the save box will be found at the bottom of the Internet Explorer window.
    1. note: If your unable to save it to the computer or you receive errors once it is on the computer. It can be Run from the above links instataid of saving.
  5. Save As example
  6. Opening I Can Learn for the first time.
    1. Run I CAN Learn icon at each station.
    2. If prompted, install any missing browser plugins
    3. If prompted, type your schools location password and confirm the school name when prompted. 1090-fkd3
    4. When setup is complete you will be prompted for username and password
  7. View the intro video wmv file
  8. Browse 2010 Teacher Resource CD